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Amazon PDP optimalisation

Amazon Product Detail Page (PDP) optimisation – how to go about it

To be more visible on Amazon, the old saying “a good start is half the work” applies. Therefore, make sure you have a solid starting point. With Amazon, this means that you need to pay attention to your product detail page (PDP). On this page you clearly describe what you have to offer as a brand. A more detailed product description will increase the likeliness that a potential customer will convert into a paying customer.

This all sounds quite simple, right? Unfortunately it's not that easy. Many brands think that selling on marketplaces starts with adding products to the shopping feed, but there is much more to it than that. In this article, we will go more in-depth about PDP optimisation and tell you more about:

  • What makes a good Amazon product page;
  • How to get your Amazon Product Detail Page right;
  • What a good product page brings you as a brand. 

Having a hard time getting started on marketplaces on your own? Our marketplace consultants have extensive experience with optimising product detail pages and can help you to successfully start selling on Amazon. Click the arrow below to get in touch with one of our Amazon consultants for a no-obligation consultation. Brandsom offers a wide range of marketplace related services that will help your business grow online.

Amazon product page: what is it?

In the introduction, we talked about how important a good starting point is for selling on Amazon. Let’s start by explaining what exactly a product detail page is. A PDP is a page within Amazon that contains all information about a product. This page doesn’t look the same for every product category. However, all Amazon product detail pages consist of the same elements. These include:

  • Product title;
  • Bullet points with product attributes;
  • Photos or images;
  • A description of the product;
  • The price. 

The above-mentioned elements are essential for you to appear in Amazon's feed. If you don't have these elements properly organised, Amazon will not show your products.

Amazon product page-1

Why a good Amazon Product Detail Page is important

As a seller, you will be wasting a lot of money if you don't pay attention to the product page. An optimised product page increases the findability of your product. Within Amazon, we come across many product pages that are not up to scratch. But what is the function of a product page on Amazon?

  • An optimised product detail page ensures that the right visitors come to the product page.
  • The page helps to increase your conversion rate. 

The reason a product detail page needs extra attention is because it’s the first thing a customer sees when they look at your products online. It’s like a nicely decorated shop window that attracts attention and makes someone stop longer to see what is on display. A well thought out product detail page can have the same effect and may result in an increase of your conversion rate.

How to get your Amazon Product Detail Page to stand out

At Brandsom, we regularly help our clients with optimising their content on Amazon’s platform, which has a positive impact on their results. One of the things we help them with is finding the right keywords to use for their product. To do this, we analyse what our clients’ end customers are looking for when they visit Amazon. Once we have found the right keywords, we proceed with the following:

  • Link keywords and matching products in Amazon's backend.
  • Focus on the formatting of easy-to-read bullet points.
  • Create a conversion-increasing product description.

Are you a retailer on Amazon and your sales are not progressing? A good product page can earn you thousands of euros per week in extra sales. In addition to written content, you can also set up photos and images well. That way, the end customer gets a more complete picture of the products you offer.

What else is important? 

Unfortunately, a good text and nice pictures are not enough. For a good product page, the following things are also very important to create a complete product page on Amazon:

  • Variations: Product variations are displayed in this section (also called "underlying" entries or products). Customers can select the colour, size, quantity and style they require from the options listed.
  • Features: Amazon has many different product attributes that can vary by category. By filling in these attributes as completely as possible, the customer gets a good idea of your product. This increases conversion and reduces the number of returns.
  • Product features: this section is also known as the bullet points. This is a great opportunity to share important features, benefits, usage suggestions, directions and more to help customers make an informed purchase decision.
  • A+ Content: Amazon A+ Content is a tool you can use to describe product features in an advanced way. For example, you can add detailed descriptions, charts, videos, high-quality images, custom texts (e.g. brand stories). A+ Content is designed to help sellers increase their traffic, conversion and sales.
  • Detailed description: The "Product information" section provides important product details such as weight, dimensions, ratings, best-seller rankings, manufacturer and the date the product was first available. This section is created on the "More Details" tab when you edit the product detail page in your Amazon Seller Central account. Filling in this section with as much detail as possible will help your product show up in more customer searches and filters.
  • Stock: This field indicates whether there is still enough stock or whether it is almost gone. You will also see when the range will be replenished.

What does a good Amazon Product Detail Page get you?

While multiple sellers share the detail page and each have their own offer, one offer wins the Buy Box on the product detail page. With the Buy Box, customers can add the winning offer to their shopping cart or buy it with one click. You must meet performance-based requirements to qualify for placement in the Buy Box. Think for example of price, delivery time and seller feedback.

All eligible Buy Box offers are then further evaluated to determine the winning Buy Box offer. One 'New' offer and one 'Used' offer, if applicable, will be placed in a Buy Box. If you meet the Buy Box requirements, your listing can compete for the Buy Box by being competitively priced with attractive shipping options.

Brandsom - Amazon Buy Box
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