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Success story: M Line

Success story M line: How a strong strategy led to success on Amazon

With Brandsom's extensive marketplace expertise, the team has helped various brands successfully sell their products on marketplaces. In the case of M line, Brandsom assisted them in setting up a channel strategy that ultimately led to significant success on the marketplace Amazon.

Business Case

M line is a company specializing in sleep systems and is a subsidiary of Beter Bed, they are the official sleep supplier of TeamNL, KNVB, Ajax and Team Visma-Lease a Bike. The brand offers a range of products, including mattresses, box springs, pillows, duvet covers, and toppers. What sets M line's products apart is their ability to ensure a restful and revitalizing sleep thanks to unique technologies and the usage of high-quality materials. In 2020, M line began selling its products on the marketplace, after previously only being available through resellers. In 2022, M line contacted Brandsom to expand to Amazon.

Before proceeding, it was necessary to establish a business case. Brandsom took the initiative to evaluate the profitability of the marketplace for the brand and meticulously mapped out the investments and returns. Additionally, Brandsom conducted a 'Brand Readiness' assessment for M line. This involved examining whether the company or brand met the marketplace's requirements and whether their internal systems were suitable.

For channel integration, Brandsom collaborated with ChannelEngine, the leading integrator for connecting to multiple marketplaces. The integration of M line’s systems with different channels became significantly smoother and faster through this single platform. Brandsom also provided valuable assistance to M line in formulating a channel strategy. This process determined which products would be offered on the marketplace and identified the most suitable price points.

Furthermore, Brandsom delved into creating an effective advertising strategy and generating content tailored for the marketplace. This can be a daunting task for any brand. Brandsom, being a marketplace expert, is well-versed in all the latest developments and intricacies of the channel. In this manner, Brandsom ensures the successful onboarding of brands onto the marketplace.

Optimizing Content

After establishing the channel strategy and business case, it was time to execute the strategy on Amazon. Brandsom assisted M line before, during, and after the launch to optimize M line's presence on one of the world's largest marketplaces. Brandsom helped M line set up their Amazon sales and Vendor accounts and ensured that all products were effectively listed online. M line opted for a hybrid approach on Amazon, where the brand sells through its own seller model while also utilizing Amazon Vendor.

Sponsored Products and content play a crucial role in achieving success on Amazon. Brandsom assisted M line in implementing their advertising strategy and optimized their content based on the best practices of the marketplace. Brandsom has a team of specialists dedicated to both advertising and content, ready to help set up and enhance content and advertisements including Amazon Promotions. Regarding content, Brandsom focused on optimization that aligns with M line's premium branding and applied it comprehensively to all products. Brandsom also devised an advertising strategy for M line to achieve the desired targets.

A Year of success

Approximately one and a half years after the start of the collaboration, all the research and efforts have borne fruit. On Amazon, M line now enjoys a consistent monthly revenue growth of an average of 35%, and there seems to be no end in sight to this growth. As a result, one of M line's flagship products ranks among the top 100 best sellers in its category. M line is highly satisfied with its collaboration with Brandsom, and the two parties are actively making plans for the future. The brand aims to expand to other marketplaces, both in the Netherlands and in other European countries. M line's next goal is to become a globally recognized brand, and Brandsom will assist in achieving that objective.

“Brandsom has all the knowledge to launch your brand on marketplaces. We look forward to the future together with Brandsom! “

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