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The BOSKA success story

Boska Success Story

Brandsom’s extensive marketplace knowledge has helped BOSKA shift from a traditional business-to-business company to directly serving their end customers across Europe themselves. With the market shifting and brands starting to sell directly to the consumer, BOSKA was looking for a direct-to-consumer approach using marketplaces. With the help of Brandsom, BOSKA was able to increase its turnover by optimising and translating product content. 

BOSKA makes food tools and believes that quality equals sustainability. Their goal, therefore, is to design products that last a lifetime. BOSKA’s story began more than 120 years ago near Gouda, in Holland, where blacksmith Willem Bos made his first cheese tools for local farmers. Since then, it’s been the family’s tradition to create fun and smart tools for people to enjoy cheese, pizza, and other foods to the fullest. Whether you’re cutting, slicing, grating, grilling, or melting, BOSKA’s high-quality tools will help you put mouth-watering food on the table.




BOSKA used to be a traditional B2B company, selling their food tools to retailers in various countries. With the market shifting and brands looking to sell directly to consumers, BOSKA wanted to make the shift by selling their products via marketplaces and serving their end customers themselves. In order to change from having a B2B mindset to a B2C-oriented company, BOSKA needed assistance to determine the best possible strategy and resources to do so.




Brandsom is a full-service marketplace specialist in Home & Living that takes care of marketplace integration. We help brands sell on marketplaces including Amazon,, and Zalando. Brandsom offers a scalable solution with on-demand support from a dedicated marketplace consultant. With dozens of marketplace integrations done in the past, Brandsom knows exactly what is needed for the onboarding process to the biggest marketplaces in Europe. Whether you are looking for content optimisation, advertisement, or expansion to new marketplaces in foreign countries, Brandsom can help you with the strategy, operation, organisation, and integration of your brand on various marketplaces.




Brandsom assigned a dedicated marketplace expert to assist BOSKA with setting up the marketplaces. To take back control of the brand, a transition from vendor to seller needed to take place. Once BOSKA was in control of their own products, Brandsom created, translated, and optimised all product content to increase the organic findability of BOSKA’s products. Brandsom shared its marketplace knowledge with internal BOSKA teams. The first set-up of the advertisements was managed by Brandsom, but soon became part of the daily tasks of BOSKA’s own online marketing team. In addition, Brandsom helped BOSKA with translating their brand experience to marketplaces by setting up the brand store and optimising A+ content. This way, customers can experience the strong branding that BOSKA is known for, which helped further increase BOSKA’s brand awareness.




The close cooperation between BOSKA and Brandsom resulted in the brand expanding to 16 different marketplaces in 8 different countries. Continuous investments in marketplaces ensured that year-on-year B2C revenue growth was realised. 

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