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Success story: Fable England

Success story: Fable England

Brandsom's extensive market knowledge has helped Fable England to cross the North Sea and also sell its products on mainland Europe through Zalando. With Brandsom's help with inventory tracking and product optimization, Fable England was able to see a large increase in sales.


Fable England is a jewellery and accessories brand, telling tales through prints and delicate hand painted jewellery. Inspired by nature and British literature, each tale and charm represents positivity and inspires kindness. These sentiments are expressed through their narrative prints, embroideries, jewellery, vegan leather handbags and accessories. Fable England initially only sold its products on its own website and the British marketplaces Wolf & Badger and Debenham.

After a few years of selling exclusively in England, Fable England had bigger ambitions and decided that they wanted to expand to mainland Europe. The brand started selling on Zalando but needed extra support on managing the integration of the products on the marketplace. They also wanted to create a better relationship with Zalando and grow on the platform. That is how Fable England got into contact with us at Brandsom where we specialise in helping brands grow on different marketplaces. 

Monthly goals & advertising

Getting Fable England products online at Zalando is of course a major task. Fortunately, at Brandsom we are specialists in the field of fashion marketplaces and we are happy to help brands sell on marketplaces such as Amazon, and Zalando. Brandsom offers a scalable solution with a committed consultant and various specialists in the field of advertising, integration and content. Brandsom knows exactly what is needed for the onboarding process to the largest marketplaces in Europe. Whether you are looking for content optimization, advertisements or expansion to new marketplaces abroad.

Brandsom helped Fable England with the onboarding of the products on Zalando. This includes translating and optimizing titles and descriptions and resolving errors if products do not appear online. Brandsom has also decided to start an advertising campaign to make people aware that Fable England is now also available on Zalando. Brandsom and Fable England have also collaborated with several Polish influencers to gain more attention for the brand. Brandsom has conducted extensive research to determine the correct amount for the Fable England campaign.The advertising campaigns have had results, the number of Fable England products sold has increased by almost 154% on Zalando in one year. To make the onboarding process as smooth as possible, Brandsom set monthly goals that had to be achieved. For example, Brandsom helped Fable England to fully integrate their products via ChannelEngine.

Research & success

When Fable England's products were online, Brandsom's work was far from over. Now it was our job to ensure that the sales process on Zalando runs smoothly. For example, Brandsom helps brands maintain inventory on the marketplaces and set up a replenishment strategy. This requires a lot of research and expertise, and Brandsom is happy to help brands optimize these processes on marketplaces. For example, Brandsom helped Fable England to research the target group for the brand on Zalando. Because of the products that Fable England sells, the brand is dependent on the seasons. For example, in the spring there is more interest in the scarves that Fable England sells and in the winter there is more interest in jewellery. Brandsom helps brands predict when more stock is needed on a marketplace. Ultimately, Brandsom, together with Fable England, ensured that the number of returns fell by almost 40% in one year.

Good communication is very important to get all processes going and achieve goals. Brandsom therefore attach great importance to good contact with customers, such as Fable England. We involve our customers closely in all processes and keep them well informed of all developments we encounter in our work and findings. Based on this, Brandsom advises brands on what the best working method is for the brand. With good communication, research, expertise and cooperation from Fable England, the goals that Fable England had set were achieved within six months. In addition, Fable England had achieved great turnover in its first year at Zalando. In fact, the expansion into mainland Europe has gone so well that they have opened a warehouse in Europe to make the sales process even more efficient.

"Brandsom has really helped us to improve our performance on Zalando. The team is really dedicated and great to work with. We are looking forward to achieving more growth across Europe on Zalando and other platforms with Brandsom's support."

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