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Selling and advertising on Fashion outlet Otrium

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Selling and Advertise on Fashion Outlet Otrium

Otrium offers entrepreneurs and brands in the clothing industry a great solution. The platform gives a place to brands that are struggling with large residual stocks. At first it started as a joke, but later the business turned out to be more serious than expected. Otrium has grown a lot in the last 6 years. You can find several big brands and it is even possible to advertise on the platform! Does this sound interesting for your brand? Then make sure to read on. We will tell you more about:


Why sell through Otrium?

There are several reasons why it is attractive to sell through Otrium. Flash sales are becoming more and more important for both companies and consumers. For brands it is a solution to get rid of the excess materials. Consumers find here a platform for cheap brand clothing. That is why the platform has grown fast in the last few years.

Otrium has now 200 brands connected to its organization. Every week one or two brands are added. The number of members also keeps growing. The counter now stands at 350.000 members. The appearance of the platform is also very attractive. That is probably one of the reasons for the growth and success. Kleinstra and Daniels chose the Amsterdam 9-straatjes feeling, a well-known place for real fashionistas.

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Advantages of advertising through Otrium/via marketplaces in general?

Advertising through marketplaces offers attractive benefits, such as:

  • Marketplaces attract many visitors. So advertising on these platforms is always a good thing. Because you are there wherever your visitors are. By advertising, you are more visible, which ultimately leads to more sales.
  • You increase your turnover. It is important, however, that your advertisements are profitable. Ask a specialist to put the advertisements online for you.
  • Boost your new products. Is there a launch of a new product from your brand? Bring it to the attention with advertisements. You buy reach and that leads to more sales.
  • You only pay when someone clicks on your product. In that sense advertising is advantageous. You don't pay based on impressions, but only when a visitor clicks on it.
  • Win from your competitor. When you buy more reach, the competition stays behind. So you gain ground by purchasing ads.


How does advertising through Otrium work?

If you want to advertise through Otrium you can choose display or search ads. How does it work? You set up the ads yourself as a brand. Or you let an external agency do it. If you cannot manage to set up the ads yourself, our Brandsom specialists are here to help you. 

Brands can see clearly in their partner dashboard how many times the products have been viewed, sold and returned. It is therefore easy to see which products are the best, which are lagging behind and which deserve extra attention. The algorithm also takes into account seasonal influences, relevance, novelty and macro-economic trends. This is a win-win situation for brands and solves the problem of unsold stock. This information makes it fun and easy for brands to advertise on Otrium.
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Do you want to advertise on Otrium? Contact Brandsom for a consultation without any obligation

Do you want to get a flying start in selling on Otrium, by advertising on the site? The consultants at Brandsom are specialists in marketplaces, both at home and abroad. If you want to know everything about advertising on Otrium, Brandsom is the right place for you. Please contact the Brandsom consultants at or call us at 030-2270520.

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