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selling on Kaufland

Selling on Kaufland - how does it work?

Are you active on the internet as a seller and would you like to expand your market abroad? There are plenty of opportunities for this. The German market is extremely attractive as their consumer behavior is strongly focused on the online shopping market.

Kaufland is a well-known marketplace in Germany. The retail giant took a big step by acquiring the market As part of the Schwarz Group (including Lidl), Kaufland is one of the largest retailers in Europe. Take advantage of brand recognition in the market and 32 million unique online visitors per month!

This popularity took an extra flight when the shops were closed during the lockdowns. However, despite many companies still operating in physical stores within the German market (around 65%). Shopping in physical shops still offers numerous additional opportunities. Due to the high demand and the small supply, there are a lot of opportunities. Selling on Kaufland in Germany means a boost for your business. In this article you will read more about:

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The advantages of selling via marketplaces

Now in 2021, is a large digital marketplace, which attracts millions of visitors every month. This also applies to other marketplaces and therefore these platforms offer many opportunities for you as an entrepreneur. These are the advantages of selling through online marketplaces:

  • Accessibility: Take advantage of brand recognition in the market and 32 million unique online visitors per month!
  • Millions of visitors per month: The large marketplaces receive more visitors every day than you probably get per year with your webshop. Seize your chance and turn a well-known marketplace into your (extra) sales channel.
  • Visibility and marketing: besides buying your products, people can also just come and take a look. Do you create beautiful content around your brand and products on the marketplaces? If so, you will become an attractive place for customers to return to and buy from.
  • Use of logistics services: the major platforms have their own warehouses and logistics services. You can choose to store the products in the sales partner's warehouse and have them transported from there.
  • Small investment: it depends on the marketplace, but often you don't pay much for your presence on marketplaces. Some marketplaces only charge you commissions on the products you sell. Other marketplaces charge a fixed monthly fee. Check this out carefully before you start selling.


Why do you as a retailer want to sell on Kaufland?

Selling on Kaufland is attractive for you as a retailer. Why is that? Kaufland is a well-known and established name in Germany. With 1300 physical shops in 8 countries, Kaufland offers a high brand awareness, both online and offline. It is a strong brand that belongs to the largest retail group in Germany. Together with Lidl, Kaufland falls under the holding of the Schwarz Group. 

Kaufland's online reach is also huge. The webshop has about 32 million visitors per month. The marketplace offers a wide range of categories: Home & Living, Fashion & Lifestyle, Technology & Media, Sports & Leisure, Garden & DIY, and many more. The experiences of sellers are almost all positive. Kaufland offers its sales partners personal support, fair and transparent conditions, favourable prices, and all without contract periods. 


How does selling via Kaufland work?

Kaufland is partly an open marketplace. However, you need to meet strict requirements for full admission. 

  • Traders must have their headquarters in the European Union (EU) or Switzerland, small non-registered companies are not accepted.
  • Kaufland has strict requirements for customer service. Kaufland is a German marketplace, so all communication is in German. This means that all product information and customer service questions must be in German. If you do not meet these requirements it can lead to Kaufland removing you from the webshop.
  • Kaufland also has a very strict policy regarding cancellations. If the cancellation rate is between 1% and 2.99% you will be fined 5% of the total amount of the cancelled transactions. If the cancellation percentage is 3% or higher you will receive a penalty of 10% of the total amount of cancelled transactions. Kaufland may cancel your account if this happens more than once. So make sure your customer service and logistics are in order.
  • Kaufland charges a fixed monthly fee for representation on the platform. For a basic account, you pay € 39.95. Would you like to link the shop to your webshop? Then you pay an extra ten euros and you will end up with an amount of € 49.95.


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