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Advertising on Mirapodo is a popular German fashion website that focuses on shoes. Besides women's shoes, men's shoes and children's shoes, the webshop also sells women's and men's clothing, bags, accessories and more. If you want to know more about fashion marketplaces, click here. 

As an external seller you can sell all your fashion items on Mirapodo. However, the competition within this webshop is fierce. Advertising on Mirapodo puts your products in the spotlight: more people see your products, you sell more and increase your revenue. Does this sound good to you? Read everything you need to know about advertising on the Mirapodo marketplace here.


About Mirapodo

Mirapodo is Germany's largest online shoe store. The range of the webshop consists of more than 150,000 shoes from more than 1,400 brands. In addition to shoes, you can also buy other fashion items on the website.

The webshop is a subsidiary of the Otto group, known from the popular fashion website Otto. Just like on Otto, you’re able to offer your products as an external seller on Mirapodo. With no fewer than 7 million active customers and 21 million website visitors per month, that is very interesting for many fashion brands.


Who are Mirapodo's customers?

Before you invest in advertising on Mirapodo, of course you want to know whether Mirapodo's customers match your intended target group. Below are some facts about the customers of this webshop:

  • The vast majority (86%) of the customers are women.
  • The largest group of customers is between 25 and 44 years old.
  • The average Mirapodo customer is 36 years old, married and has 2 children.
  • The average Mirapodo customer has a family income of € 3,000 net per month.
  • Mirapodo customers spend a lot of time online and mainly purchase via their smartphone.

Why advertise on Mirapodo?

The main reasons for advertising on Mirapodo:

  • Customers visiting Mirapodo's website already have the intention to buy shoes or other fashion items. So you don't really have to persuade them to spend money, only to spend money on your products.
  • Due to the wide range and the high degree of competition, it is difficult to stand out without paying. The number of people who will see your products organically (unpaid) is low.
  • By advertising your products will get better visibility; you sell more and the total revenue from this marketplace increases.
  • Mirapodo offers various advertising options for every budget.
  • With 'My Brand' from Mirapodo you gain insight into the effects of your campaigns. You immediately know what your investment yields and how you can improve your campaigns.

Various advertising packages

Mirapodo offers different advertising packages:

  • a 'Starters' package for brands with a small advertising budget, or sellers who first want to see what the effect of advertising on Mirapodo actually is, and
  • an 'Allround Deluxe' package for the brands that like to go big.

The difference between the packages is in the number of impressions: the more expensive the package, the more Mirapodo customers will see your display ad on the website.


Advertising on Mirapodo: additional options

In addition, you can supplement all packages with various extra options, including:

  • Sponsored products: your products end up higher in the search results on the website.
  • Push Notifications: Customers who have downloaded the Mirapodo app will receive a push notification on their home screen.
  • Newsletter: You can place teasers, articles or display advertisements in the Mirapodo newsletter.
  • Influencer marketing: you can book an influencer through Mirapodo with many followers on social media. This influencer advertises your products in the form of photos or videos on her or his social media page.
  • Social media: you can advertise with photos or videos on the Instagram or Facebook page of Mirapodo.
  • Print: you can also have your products included in the printed Mirapodo ads. Mirapodo sends monthly addressed ads via mail to 2,000 to 6,000 customers.

Different forms of content

In addition, when you advertise on Mirapodo you can choose different forms of content, for example:

  • Influencer content: when you choose influencer marketing, your fashion items will be worn and recommended by influencers.
  • Editorial content by Mirapodo: your shoes and clothing are worn by Mirapodo models. Mirapodo provides photo and / or film material.
  • Still Photography by Mirapodo: Mirapodo photographers create simple images of your products in stylish surroundings.
  • Own photo material (free).

Want to know more about advertising on Mirapodo?

Selling on Mirapodo gives you many opportunities. However, to be successful as an external seller on this marketplace, you need a good strategy. So the optimal use of Mirapodo's marketing tools is crucial. Advertising on Mirapodo only makes sense if it actually leads to more sales. Brandsom's marketplaces specialists are happy to help you with this! Click on the arrow below to get in touch with one of our specialists.


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