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All about buying and selling on Amazon Business

All about buying and selling on Amazon Business 

Do you want to see your company grow on B2B marketplaces? Then incorporating Amazon Business into your strategy is a must. This article will teach you everything you need to know about Amazon Business. What is it, how do you sign up for it, and what are the benefits of the standard Amazon platform?

What is the difference between B2B and B2C marketplaces?

An online marketplace is a place on the Internet where supply and demand come together. Just like a physical market, you can find all kinds of products from different sellers. A city market or an online marketplace such as can be described as a B2C (business-to-consumer) marketplace. Several traders have a place in this market. They sell their products mainly to consumers.  

In addition to B2C markets, there are also online and physical B2B (business-to-business) markets. The sellers then do business with persons who in turn trade in the name of their organization. The name for such a physical place is a wholesaler and, of course, there are wholesalers in all kinds of sectors. Think of wholesalers for hairdressing supplies, building materials, or office supplies. 

The name wholesale is not so strange when you consider that companies buy in bulk more often than consumers. In this digital age, wholesalers are doing more and more business via the internet. Amazon Business can be seen as an online wholesaler, or a B2B marketplace where companies offer products to other companies. 

Amazon B2C vs B2B

B2B Marketplaces: what is Amazon Business?

Amazon Business is a marketplace for large and small companies. This platform works in the same way as the standard Amazon platform. The big difference, however, is that it enables B2B sales. As a business seller, you have access to the Amazon shop of hundreds of thousands of other B2B sellers. The figures show that this is a great success: in 2018, Amazon Business already generated $10 billion. 

As a B2B sales channel, Amazon Business offers many benefits that are tailored to businesses. If you create an account as a company, you can browse through all kinds of business sales accounts. Amazon Business shows you the prices if you buy items in bulk. You can also create an account with multiple users so that you and your colleagues can use the same account. 

Want to know how Amazon's business fits into your overall marketplace strategy? Check out our marketplace page on how to get started.  

Benefits of Amazon Business

Buying and selling products from your business can bring you multiple business benefits. 
Benefits of Amazon Business over Amazon
The most important conditions are listed below: 

  • Business prices: Amazon Business offers discounts on more than 5 million products for B2B buyers and sellers. This is especially attractive for large companies that always buy in bulk.
  • Business products: are you looking for specific products that you don't easily use at home? Think of office, healthcare or hospitality supplies. You don't have to go to the wholesaler's anymore. You can find it all on Amazon Business. 
  • Companies with specific characteristics: on Amazon Business, you can select companies with special characteristics. Are you looking for a local shop, a company run by women? Amazon Business selects the companies you like to do business with. 
  • Business Prime: subscribers get free shipping within two days. Sometimes the product is shipped the same day as the order. 
  • Reporting and analysis: you can easily keep track of your orders and expenses through the data in the Amazon Business platform. 
  • Invoices with VAT: these are very useful when you process your expenses in your bookkeeping. Of course, you can also report your expenses as a deduction in your annual tax return. 
  • Customised payment terms: Amazon Business allows for deferred payments of up to 45 - 60 days. 
  • Manage your selection of sellers: if you have done business with sellers you like, you can save them in a list on Amazon Business. The next time you want to buy from them, you won't have to look far. 
  • Business delivery: Amazon delivers with pallets to your door. You don't have to go to the wholesaler or the shop yourself. 

How does Amazon Business increase your sales?

Thanks to Amazon Business, you can save on your expenses. The discounts on bulk quantities mean you pay less per product. Because Amazon Business offers the possibility of deferred payment, you can make investments for your daily business in advance. 

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Moreover, Amazon delivers to your door in pallets, saving you time and money. Thanks to the clear overview of all expenses, you know exactly how far you can go periodically. You no longer need to keep track of your invoices. 

Because you no longer have to perform unnecessary actions, this eventually pays off in an increase in turnover. 

Do you sell products that are interesting for companies? Then you can use Amazon Business as a sales platform to reach your target group and sell more products. This will, of course, increase your turnover. Your customers will love shopping with Amazon Business because of the advantages mentioned above.

How do I sign up for Amazon Business?

To become an Amazon Business member, follow these steps: 

Step 1: Go to to get started. 
Step 2: Click on the button "Create a free Amazon Business account". 
Step 3: You will then be asked to enter the name, email address and password you want to use for your account. You can also enter the details of your employer. 
Step 4: Amazon will ask you to verify certain company information, such as the address, VAT details and the Chamber of Commerce number. 
Step 5: Amazon verifies your account. This takes about 24 hours. 

Conclusion: Amazon Business is interesting for companies 

Amazon Business is definitely interesting for companies who prefer to buy in bulk, want to have a clear overview of the expenses and want to save time by not having to go to the wholesaler. Amazon seems to be becoming the modern wholesaler. You will find many business sellers there with all kinds of products that you can also select on specific characteristics. Amazon Business is certainly a great platform for management, purchasing and facility staff.

If you are a B2B seller yourself, Amazon Business is also an interesting sales platform, because here you come into contact with people who buy for a company. 

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