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LvB: how to arrange your logistics through

Do you sell products on Then you may have seen the term 'LvB' come by. Logistics via Bol is a fulfilment service that is available to all Dutch and Belgian Bol partners. On this page, we will explain what LvB can do for your business when you start selling on (or if you are already doing so).

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LvB: what is that exactly?

The abbreviation LvB stands for Logistics via Bol. The name says it all: LvB takes care of the complete fulfilment of your orders through this marketplace platform. Your products are in the warehouse. They take care of the processing, packaging, shipping and returns. You can also use customer service.

1.LvB what is that exactly_

What are the advantages of logistics via Bol?

Outsourcing the logistics of your orders to the marketplace has several advantages. Primarily, it saves you a lot of time and hassle. It assures you of satisfied customers and you also have a higher conversion rate. If you use LvB, will show your products higher in the search results. In other words:

  • Customers receive their products within one working day;
  • The customer service is available 24/7 for customer questions and complaints;
  • No more hassle with handling, packaging or shipping; does it all for you;
  • Higher conversion within a short period of time;
  • Becoming part of a large-scale logistics network for sales in the Netherlands and Belgium;
  • Save a lot of time for other important tasks.

2.If you use LvB, will show your products higher in the search results

How does Logistics via Bol (LvB) work?

At Brandsom we understand if you like to use LvB. With Brandsom Managed, we will take care of all this for you. Not only everything that is needed to set up the logistic collaboration with Bol, but also the integration of all your products on different marketplaces. Would you rather arrange it yourself, but need some help and extra convenience? Our consultancy option will get you started and let you use the Brandsom services when you need them.

However, if you would like to arrange your logistics through, please take the following points into account. 


Sending products to for logistics can only deliver your products to customers if they have the product in stock. Therefore, always read the delivery conditions in advance. Please note: not every type of product is suitable for processing in the distribution centre. This applies, for example, to very large or heavy products or articles with a risk of explosion, such as deodorant. Please also note the following:


  • Switch your articles to Logistics via 
  • Report your new shipment to the distribution centre at least 48 hours in advance.
  • Choose to print labels and labelling of your products yourself or outsource this to Don't want to label yourself? Then make sure in any case that the EANs of the articles match.
  • Pallets may be up to 1.8 metres high.

Want to be sure you meet all the requirements? Then use the handy checklist from

3.Sending products to for logistics

Stock ceiling: what is that?

Of course, there is a limit to how many products you can send to the warehouse. This is called the stock ceiling. Based on how many products you sell each month and how much space is available, Bol will determine your stock ceiling. So make sure you send more of the products you sell. Running out of stock quickly? Don't worry, will raise your stock ceiling.

4.B.stock ceiling

Compare your logistics costs

Outsourcing logistics to has its advantages, but it's not for free. Do you want to get extra benefits from LvB? Then it is best to make a good overview of your costs. What your costs will depend on what exactly you sell. Maybe LvB will even cost you less! Compare your own logistics costs with the costs of logistics through here.


LvB assortment easy to add through bulk? Brandsom helps!

The most important step for the logistics service is converting your products. Whether you are already a client or not, does not matter to Brandsom. We will easily convert your products to LvB. Would you like to simultaneously transfer the same products to sales accounts of other marketplaces like Zalando or Amazon? Then we will do it all at the same time!

Read more about selling through, Brandsom's services and our handy marketplace integrators here. Do you still have questions? Of course, you can always email us at or call 030 227 05 20. See you soon!

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