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Selling on la redoute - explanation, tips en tricks

Do you have a store or webshop and / or do you sell a physical product? Then you can sell your products through various online marketplaces, such as, Amazon and La Redoute. La Redoute is a French webshop that specializes in fashion and homeware. Offering your products on this webshop can generate many extra customers and sales. But you will have to do it right! In this article you will find everything you need to know about selling as an external seller on La Redoute.  


About La Redoute

La Redoute has a long history in France. The company started out as a wool spinning company in the 19th century and released its first catalog in the 20th century, allowing customers to shop from home. Thus La Redoute became one of the first mail order companies. Today La Redoute is one of the largest webshops in France. No less than 99% of all French people are familiar with this brand! In addition to France, the webshop now also sells in 25 other countries.

La Redoute in The Netherlands

In recent years, La Redoute has been actively repositioning. Their goal is no longer to be the market leader in France. Instead, the company wants to focus on women over 30 worldwide. For several years now, it has been possible for Dutch customers to order from La Redoute, via With this, La Redoute competes with Wehkamp, which also mainly sells fashion and homeware products to women over 30.

Please note: the Dutch website is not a marketplace. This means that as an external seller you can only sell your products on and not on Read more about selling your products on below.

La Redoute marketplace

Since 2010, La Redoute also offers products from external sellers via the online marketplace, in addition to its own products. The product range has therefore been expanded. On the marketplace, as a third-party seller, you can sell products in all kinds of categories, including: fashion, home goods and home decor, as well as electronics, beauty products, toys, garden items and more. There are over 450 external sellers on

How does it work? 

  • You offer your products on Please note: as an external seller you cannot offer your products on other websites of La Redoute, such as
  • You manage your supply, prices and stock yourself.
  • You send orders from your warehouse directly to the customer. You are therefore responsible for packaging and shipping your products.
  • You are also responsible for answering questions (in French!) And handling any returns.

It is important to realize: 

  • 90% of al customers on La Redoute are women.


Requirements for outside sellers on La Redoute

La Redoute is a so-called "closed marketplace". This means that not just everyone can sell on this webshop. Before you are able to sell on this site you will be screened. We look at your price level, the scope of your product range and whether you own a particular brand.

As a seller on La Redoute, you must meet the following requirements:

  • All product data must be provided in French.
  • All articles must have an EAN code.
  • You are obliged to send your customers a Track-and-Trace number.
  • For customer service you must provide a French telephone number. Customers must be addressed in French, by someone who speaks the language at a native level.
  • All sellers are required to offer free returns to a French return address.
  • The products you sell must not compete with La Redoute's own collection.

Register checklist as an external seller on La Redoute

Do you meet these requirements? Then go through the following steps:

  • Register as a potential seller via this link. La Redoute will then determine whether you are a suitable partner.
  • If you have been declared suitable, you will automatically receive an invitation to the partner platform.
  • Provide La Redoute with all requested information: company profile, master data, product information, article information, etc. Note: all information must be provided in French.
  • Sign the contract with La Redoute.
  • Add articles. This can be done manually or via an integrator.
  • Start selling!

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Product information on La Redoute

Your product information must meet a large number of requirements. Below we discuss the main requirements for the title, product description, search terms and bullet points.

Please note all information must be written in French.


  • The title is structured as follows: Product Category - Material (only add if it is a valuable material, such as leather or cashmere) - Shape or detail (for example "long", "glitter" or "printed") - Model.
  • The first letter of each part is uppercase, the rest lowercase. (Exceptions are possible for brand names written in capital letters.)
  • Use a maximum of 45 characters.
  • Do not use special characters like &,% or #.
  • Do not specify in the title: brand, gender, color and size.

Product Description:

  • You must provide each product with a product description.
  • Write this text in a concise way, but also as detailed as possible.
  • The text must be written continuously. It cannot contain bullets or formatting.
  • You should not add links, for example for another online store.
  • Lists features that are not directly visible in the image.

Search terms:

  • You can add search terms that help the customer find your product.
  • Use about five search terms, separated by commas.
  • Each search term can be up to 50 characters long.

Bullet points:

  • Also always add 3-8 bullet points in which you show the most important features.
  • You use a maximum of 5 words per bullet.

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Pictures on La Redoute

Good images are very important. They lead to more sales. So make sure you have good, sharp photos in which your products stand out well.

La Redoute sets the following requirements for images:

  • Add at least 2 images for each product.
  • The size of your image must be at least 641 x 641 pixels.
  • The zoom function is automatically activated for images larger than 1200 x 1200 pixels.

Article information on La Redoute

In addition to product information, you must also enter article information before you start with your sales. Articles are the different variants of a product. The articles listed under a product differ in a few parts, such as color and size, but are otherwise identical to each other.

La Redoute sets the following requirements for article information:

  • Specify the size and color of the item.
  • Give an EAN per article.
  • Specify the stock per item.
  • Specify the retail price (RP) and the manufacturer's recommended retail price (MSRP) per item.
  • Indicate the country of origin for each item.

European Article Numbering or EAN

An EAN is a unique combination of numbers that identifies an article based on a European system. EAN stands for 'European Article Numbering', or European Article Numbering. The code consists of 13 digits.

Please note the following:

  • The EANs must be unique. Multiple identical codes are not allowed within one account.
  • The validity of the EANs provided is checked, so make sure you use valid EAN.

Marketing: promoting articles on La Redoute

Are you already selling on La Redoute, but do you think you can get more out of it? Then it might be clever to look at the marketing options. There are several ways in which you can bring your products to the attention of customers. Below we mention three:

  • Sponsored Products: Sponsored products appear higher in the search results. This way, more customers get to see your products, which eventually leads to more sales.
  • Email marketing: bring your products to the attention of La Redoute's more than 1 million newsletter subscribers. You can choose specific targeting based on customer profile, for example: age, gender or previous purchases.
  • On site presence: There are several ways in which you can advertise on the website itself, for example in the form of banner ads that appear in the right and left sidebar on the website, or in the app.

Automation: link La Redoute to your webshop

Adding articles to your La Redoute account can be done manually or automatically. Adding all items manually takes a lot of time and is prone to errors. That is why it is wise to use an integrator. This software links your internal systems to one or more marketplaces.

You can link your webshop to La Redoute via EffectConnect. Orders are then processed automatically and the stock is automatically updated. Additionally, you can easily view your products, stock and orders.

Do you not have enough ICT knowledge yourself to make this link? We are happy to help you connect your systems, as well as onboard and map your products.

Integration and optimization of sales on La Redoute

Are you interested in selling your products on La Redoute and could you use some help with this? Click on the arrow below to get in touch with one of our specialists.

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For example, we can help you with

  • the onboarding of your products via various integrators (automation)
  • improving your product titles and descriptions (optimization)
  • the successful use of the advertising options (advertising)

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