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Selling on Mediamarkt

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The company MediaMarkt will soon be displaying products from external retailers on its own site. This will give entrepreneurs the possibility to showcase and sell their products via the MediaMarkt platform. This is what digital director Shariar Khalili of MediaMarkt’s Dutch brand says in an interview. The aim is to expand the range on the website, without increasing the company’s own stock. MediaMarkt is already working on this in other countries too. In Germany for example, a beta version of this concept was rolled out recently.


In doing so, the electronics retailer follows the example of other major marketplaces. Think of, Amazon, Naduvi and Zalando. Khalili gives the example of expensive televisions that cost €20.000. If manufacturers want to sell these expensive models, they can do this directly via the MediaMarkt platform. This way, the company itself does not need to stock these expensive televisions.  


Like other large online retailers, MediaMarkt makes these services available to smaller shopkeepers. For this target group, selling at MediaMarkt offers many advantages, but there are also a number of conditions.



Are you an electronics retailer and interested in selling on MediaMarkt? Good news! It is easy to start. However, if you want to grow your business and get the most out of this platform, it is important to do so according to a good strategy. Our marketplace experts at Brandsom are here to provide you with advice that will help your business sell significantly more products. Click on the arrow below and get in touch with one of our specialists. 

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The company MediaMarkt

MediaMarkt started in Germany as early as 1979. It proved to be a golden formula to attract many customers, as all kinds of consumer electronics could be found in one place. On top of that, customers were able to see, touch, and even try out the products themselves. After opening the tenth store in Germany, it was time to cross national borders. At this moment, there are more than 500 shops across seven European countries.  


In the Netherlands, MediaMarkt is now the market leader in consumer electronics with 95% of the Dutch population being familiar with the company. MediaMarkt opened its first Dutch branch in 1999. Nowadays, the country has 49 stores and a website that gets 550.000 visitors each weekend. The webshop is one of the largest in terms of product range in consumer electronics. As of 2019, the company has expanded its range to include telecom subscriptions.  

MediaMarkt’s digital services for partners

MediaMarkt will soon be offering a range of services that will enable small business owners that sell consumer electronics to serve their customers even better. The services go far beyond simply selling your own products on MediaMarkt’s platform. Entrepreneurs in consumer electronics can expect, and soon make use of services such as:


  • Trade-in: If you are an entrepreneur in the electronics industry with old equipment lying around, you can trade it in at MediaMarkt at a reduced rate. Your personal account manager can give an indication of the value you receive for the old products. 
  • Ready for use: MediaMarkt Business makes products ready for use. The latest versions of apps are updated. Data from the old device is transferred to the new device. As an entrepreneur, you not only sell a device such as a laptop or mobile phone, you also ensure that customers get to use the product right away by installing the right apps and/or updates. Accessibility matters as much as the product itself.
  • Mobile Device Management: MediaMarkt Business offers the possibility to deploy all mobile devices according to a central point.
  • Software: Does your client want to use applications such as Yammer, MS Teams or SharePoint? MediaMarkt installs software on new devices so your customers don’t need to worry about it.
  • Warranty extension: MediaMarkt Business offers various possibilities for extending the manufacturer’s warranty to 3 or 5 years for a number of computer brands.
  • Telecom: Smaller companies can take out mobile phone or data subscriptions via MediaMarkt. 


In this way, MediaMarkt becomes a one-stop-shop for both consumers and electronics retailers. Through these new partnerships, they can reach a whole new market. The company is expected to grow even further as a result.

What are the advantages of selling on MediaMarkt?

Selling through MediaMarkt’s platform has many benefits for retailers that choose to do so. Thanks to its familiar brand name, and to being the market leader in consumer electronics, MediaMarkt attracts many consumers. This is something that small business owners can benefit from. In addition, the retail giant invests a lot of money in radio, TV, and printed advertising, giving the platform a lot of visibility and reach.  


On top of that, MediaMarkt is known for offering spectacular deals all year round, with events like ‘MegaDeals’, ‘Holiday Madness’, and VAT-excluded offers. Apart from these special offers, the retailer is known for its competitive prices, large range of products, and offering extra services such as delivery options and free shipping. 


Many consumers visit the store and website because MediaMarkt really caters for a large group of people. Therefore, selling via this platform can benefit your business tremendously.

What are the conditions for selling on MediaMarkt?

Selling on MediaMarkt’s platform is subject to a few rules. Before you start selling on this marketplace, make sure to read the following conditions:


  • Your company is located in the EU
  • You have a commercial and fiscal registration within the EU
  • You have a European bank account number
  • You arrange your own logistics
  • You ship from a warehouse within the EU
  • Products have an EAN number
  • All product descriptions meet the requirements of MediaMarkt


Onboarding your products on the platform is free of charge. However, you do pay a fixed monthly fee of 39 euros. In addition, you pay a commission on each product that you sell via the marketplace. You are free to cancel your partnership with MediaMarkt after each month, should you be dissatisfied with their services. However, with the right strategy for selling on this marketplace, you should reap the benefits.

Digital settings for selling on MediaMarkt

MediaMarkt’s platform makes it easy for entrepreneurs to upload data on products, prices, and stocks. Partners can connect to the website in various ways, such as maintenance via the back office, CSV file, Excel template, and a complete link via an API interface. The API interface is easy to use and it allows you to put orders in a clear overview, confirm shipments, and communicate with customers.


E-commerce specialists are increasingly advising entrepreneurs on software to provide continuous insight into all data from various marketplaces. At Brandsom, we have the right knowledge and tools to help your business sell successfully on marketplaces.



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