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Zalando Marketing Services

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Do you sell products via the Zalando marketplace as an external partner? Then you know better than anyone that the competition on this platform is fierce. Your products will be placed among all other products from third-party sellers and from Zalando itself, which makes it difficult to stand out. 

By using the ZMS you create extra attention for your products. Promoting your products through ZMS generates extra sales and thus extra income. 




Are you looking for advice on what Zalando Marketing Services can do for your brand or product? Our marketplace specialists have already done the research for you. Brandsom offers a wide range of marketplace related services to help you sell on various marketplaces. Want to know more? Click on the arrow below and get in touch with one of our consultants to request a no-obligation consultation.

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What is Zalando Marketing Services?

Zalando Marketing Services includes all promotional and advertising options that you can use as an external seller to bring your brand and your products to the attention of Zalando's visitors. ZMS helps you to analyze and define who your customer is and how you can best reach and approach them. Through data-driven marketing and various options in the field of media, content creation and influencer marketing, ZMS helps you achieve your brand and growth goals.


What Zalando does

When you use ZMS, Zalando will work for you to come up with creative campaigns that fit your brand or product. Zalando does this based on insights from data from more than 34 million customers. Zalando creates engaging lifestyle videos and images. Zalando also uses influencer marketing. This way you will not only reach your current fans, but also new target groups that are not yet familiar with your brand or products.

More than 70% of all sales on Zalando are done via mobile phone. Zalando ensures a pleasant digital experience, even when customers shop via their phones. Think about creating landing pages, online style guides and an interactive "fit finder".


Zalando Marketing Services; key points

  • Data-driven marketing
  • Extensive expertise in fashion and content creation
  • Extensive options in the field of media
  • Creative campaigns with engaging lifestyle videos and images
  • Influencer marketing
  • Authentic styling that matches your brand or product
  • Product-oriented content


Benefits of Zalando Marketing Services

These are the benefits of ZMS for you as an external seller:

  • Encourage the sale of your products through tailor-made campaigns.
  • Focus on part of your products, for example newly launched products, or on your entire range.
  • Strengthen your brand positioning and tell your brand story on Zalando.
  • Celebrate product launches through different channels and promote your products in all 17 countries where Zalando is active.
  • Use creative concepts that increase the impact and performance of your brand.
  • Gain in-depth insight into the market and your customers based on data.


ZMS possibilities

ZMS offers various options and tools to promote your products:

  • Consumer Insights
  • ZMS Creative
  • Campaigns / media

Below we will discuss these options/tools in detail.


ZMS Insights

Knowledge is power, especially in the world of (online) marketing. ZMS Insights offers exactly that: knowledge and insight. From knowledge about developments and trends in the market to insight into your (potential) customers on Zalando and beyond. This helps you make strategic product-, marketing- and merchandising decisions. You can also compare your performance against competitors and identify opportunities to grow and gain market share.

  • Ad Hoc Consultancy Services: Get an idea of your current and potential customers. Zalando's data experts offer you advice and tailor-made analytics.
  • ZMS Insights Tool: A self-service platform on which you can find all kinds of analyses in the field of purchases, customers, SKU analysis and more.
  • Tailor-made dashboards: Set your own KPIs and easily gain insight into your performance.
  • Studies and publications: Gain insight into important developments and trends.

ZMS Creative

ZMS Creative is the creative section of Zalando Marketing Services. Based on data obtained from Insights, Zalando develops and produces inspiring stories that fit your brand.

  • Data-Based Marketing.
  • Creative concepts and groundbreaking ideas that fit your brand.
  • Creation, design and production of custom content.
  • Influencer marketing; ZMS creative is looking for an influencer that fits your brand, budget and goals.

ZMS Campaigns / Media

The internet is all about images; only with beautiful high-quality photos and videos, you will be able to keep the attention of your target group. ZMS Campaigns / Media plans and executes impactful campaigns for your target group. They do this on Zalando itself, but also on other websites and social media.

  • Devise, design and implement campaigns.
  • Media planning and programmatic purchasing via all channels.
  • In-depth campaign analysis and end-to-end reporting.


Problems for upcoming brands

Small to medium fashion companies do not have an easy time these days. Many brands are facing problems. The wishes of the consumer change very quickly and are difficult to predict. As a result, many fashion companies are struggling with stocks that are too large. When your fashion brand wants to launch a new product, you are often confronted with the so-called 'cold start problem'. Your product/brand must first become more well-known before it can be discovered by consumers. You still have little information about your (potential) customers, so you do not yet know how to reach them. Additionally, you have few financial resources to use for your marketing in the beginning.


Starting with Zalando Marketing Services

Do you run into these kinds of problems? Investing in Zalando Marketing Services can offer a solution. ZMS offers campaigns for every budget. An easy way for smaller brands to get started is to invest in sponsored ZMS ad sizes. This provides more visibility for your products, which in turn leads to extra sales.

Also, Zalando's machine learning technology allows you to quickly collect more factual data about the shoppers who like and buy your specific products. External sellers on Zalando using ZMS will grow about twice as fast in the first few months as external sellers who are not running campaigns during this time.

  • More awareness for your brand
  • Increase of turnover
  • More insight into your (potential) customers
  • Sales increase of up to 30%

Zalando's 5 million Euro fund

As it is currently difficult for many small and medium businesses to invest in marketing, Zalando has set up a 5 million fund to help these companies. You can claim this fund until the end of 2020. Please contact for more information and to find out if you qualify.

What should you do besides marketing?

To sell successfully on Zalando, you need to provide quality (best-in-class) products and a good brand experience. You also have to meet Zalando's logistics requirements. You can read more about Zalando's logistics here.

Need help with selling on Zalando?

Do you want to get started with selling your products on Zalando? Or need help promoting your products through Zalando Marketing Services? At Brandsom, we help brands to successfully sell on online marketplaces. Find more information on our homepage, check out our service page or contact us at  / 030-2270520 and request a no-obligation consultation.


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