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Selling on Naduvi

NADUVI is a new online marketplace on the Dutch market with a somewhat different approach than well-known marketplaces such as Zalando or With its product range, NADUVI focuses on the interior design sector. You can find many different home decoration products on their website with discounts ranging from 30 to 80%. The company is growing fast and is far from finished with its expansion. In this article, you will read all about newcomer NADUVI.


  • Where NADUVI is from 
  • What you can find on NADUVI
  • Why it is interesting to use NADUVI’s platform
  • How you can register as a partner on the platform
  • The costs for partners 

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Where is NADUVI from and what is its potential?

Like online shopping giant, NADUVI was founded in the Netherlands. The company, still considered a start-up as it was launched in October 2019, is growing by double digits every month. In May 2021, the online marketplace raised an investment capital of 8.2 million euros. The company has put in an incredible performance in less than two years of existence.

The company’s potential is not only expressed in money, but also in awards that it is winning. In September 2020, NADUVI won the Best Starter Award at the Shopping Award ceremony. All the money raised by the company is reinvested in improving and expanding the platform. With all this success, NADUVI is ready for the next step: growing from a Dutch start-up to an international scale-up. The company’s ambition is to become the largest online marketplace for home & living in Europe.


The online marketplace for Home & Living

CEO Itai Gross says he can look back on a very successful first year of operation. According to him, the financing round shows that investors have confidence in the company. Gross openly expresses his ambitions: “To become the largest online interior outlet in all of Europe, and to make many customers happy by offering an appealing range of beautiful items at great discounts.”


One of the ways to achieve this is by increasing the offer, which is something that NADUVI has certainly done in the past year by adding new products and brands. Today, the online marketplace for home & living offers 25.000 products and 250 different brands on their platform. NADUVI’s plans for the near future are as follows: 

  • Expanding the product range
    The successful funding round enables NADUVI to expand its product range. CEO Itai Gross says it wants to grow from 25.000 to 100.000 products. To achieve this, partner channels have to be expanded. For this reason, NADUVI makes it possible for partners to sign up and sell their own products through the platform. They also want to expand their services, such as dropshipping and handling returns, making it easier for retailers to start selling online.

  • Investing in back-end and front-end
    The company is currently investing heavily in back-end development to ensure that all processes between partners, NADUVI, and customers run even more smoothly. It wants to be able to communicate accurately about delivery information and is working hard to reduce delivery times. In addition, the company is taking a closer look at front-end development in order to make the user experience on the platform more appealing.

  • International expansion
    The expansion into other countries shows the brand’s strong ambition. At the moment, NADUVI is active in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. As far as the brand is concerned, this is only the beginning as the company has big plans to expand into the rest of Europe.

2. Invest in back-end and front-end

Why sell your products on NADUVI? 

According to research by the French technology company Mirakl, participation in a marketplace by companies and brands can be very interesting. In 2020, online marketplaces collectively grew by as much as 81%. The growth of the platforms is related to the pandemic and associated measures. Because consumers had to stay home, there was no other option than to purchase products online. Due to a bigger online offer, the overall e-commerce market increased by about 40%.  


Growth was further fuelled by the number of sellers on marketplaces, which increased by 46%. In addition, the average turnover per online seller increased by 24%. Seller cannibalization does not occur. On the contrary, sellers reinforce each other through representation. Online platforms like NADUVI offer existing vendors new opportunities such as cross-selling and repeat visitors thanks to a wider range of products.




Benefits of NADUVI for brands

The online platform for home & living wants to provide a pleasant experience for both partners and consumers. To ensure this, NADUVI offers a variety of benefits such as:

  • Focus on customer satisfaction: NADUVI likes to focus on customer satisfaction because it has a positive effect on customer retention and loyalty. Because of this commitment, customers are eager to return to the platform after experiencing a pleasant buying process.
  • No monthly fees: NADUVI does not charge any setup or monthly fees, but you do pay 20% on the proceeds of products sold through their platform. This means that you don’t have to pay anything if you don’t sell any of your products.
  • No payment for returns: Customers pay for the return of products themselves. This way, as a retailer, you don’t have to write off broken products that are actually still in good condition. It also prevents customers from buying products unnecessarily and then returning them.
  • Your own brand store: NADUVI offers the possibility to present your products in a stylish way by letting sellers on the platform create their own brand store. This way, your products will stand out and it enables you to distinguish your brand from competitors.

3. Your own brand store
Additional revenue channel for brands 

Using an online platform as a retailer will certainly have a positive impact on your turnover. Sellers benefit from the reach and number of visitors that visit the marketplace. Sometimes, online marketplaces offer to take care of the logistics process for you. This results in the platform handling your shipping, packaging, customer service, and even returns. This can save you a lot of time, money, and staff. 

Moreover, representing your interior design brand on NADUVI comes with a touch of prestige. If you’re selling products through a physical shop and webshop, enjoy providing excellent customer service, and are looking to grow your brand, then your brand fits in with other brands such as:

  • Zuiver;
  • Dutchbone;
  • Oilily;
  • Rivièra Maison;
  • Riverdale.  


Sign up for NADUVI 

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