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Selling and advertising on MyToys

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Selling and advertising on MyToys

Do you want to be represented on a large marketplace as a shoe retailer or toy shop? Then selling on Mirapodo or MyToys is something you might want to consider. If you sell toys and get excited from a large and organised assortment, this platform will certainly make you excited!

Mirapodo and MyToys are both parts of the same holding, namely the MyToys Group. The MyToys Group is the No. 1 online retailer for family purchases in Germany. The multi-award-winning family of brands, which generated a total turnover of 720 million in the 2019/2020 financial year, includes the retail offerings of MyToys, Limango, Mirapodo, and Yomonda. The MyToys Group is one of the most successful e-commerce companies in Germany.

If you are looking to be represented on a major marketplace as a shoe or toy retailer. Mytoys will definitely be a great option for your brand! Schedule a free consultation with one of our Mytoys consultants today to discuss the opportunities for your brand.

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What is MyToys?

As a child, did you dream of visiting one of those giant American toy shops you see in the movies? Then take a look at MyToys. Since 2000, the mission of MyToys has been to make the shopping experience as pleasant as possible for both parents and children. With the slogan 'Just everything for your child', they indicate that they are there for the whole family.

If you are a toy retailer active on MyToys, it is certainly a good idea to advertise via this platform. As a small retailer, you are probably on MyToys, to give your sales a boost. The advertising possibilities of the German large retailer give you a lot of visibility, clicks, visits, and eventually can lead to extra conversion. 


What is Mirapodo? 

Mirapodo has been around since 2009 and joined the MyToys Group in 2013. They sell more than 1400 shoe brands on their platform and these account for more than 150,000 shoe models. The shop also includes a premium brands section for selected brands and there is a sports and outdoor fashion section. The focus, however, is on selling shoes. 


Advertising on MyToys

Advertising can be profitable for small brands. The visibility of a brand can increase up to 50% by advertising. Profits from sales can increase by up to 25%. Thanks to advertising, the number of visitors who think of buying your product increases by up to 60%. So, advertising on MyToys will certainly do you no harm.

MyToys offers many options to advertise. Especially if you want to use a combination of resources, it is good to spar with marketplace specialists. Please feel free to contact Brandsom if you would like to maximise your sales and advertising opportunities on MyToys.


Advertising on MyToys - how does it work?

There are many ways to advertise on MyToys. If you want to sell on the platform, think carefully about what your goal is. Do you have a new brand and do you want to get more brand awareness? Or do you want customers to buy your products sooner because of the discount you offer them? Each objective requires a specific way of advertising.

Do good research or let yourself be informed by a specialist. It is of course a shame if your marketing budget does not pay off in the end, because you do not use it properly.


Advertising possibilities:

  • Advertise on MyToys with sponsored products
  • Social media campaign blog MyToys
  • Use of stories
  • Mentioning in the newsletter
  • Branded content
  • Printed catalogue


Why selling at Mirapodo is a good idea

Mirapodo sells a lot of brands and is still looking to expand. Do you have a new brand that you cannot find online yet? Then it deserves a place at Mirapodo. A place on the platform can bring you many visitors and also customers. The website has 4 million active customers per month who generate 5 orders per minute.

They are not only running fast with their range of shoes. They are currently expanding their range in womenswear and menswear as well. The reason for this is that they want to continuously improve the customer experience. Customers can pick out the most beautiful fashion right next to their new pair of shoes.

Selling on Mirapodo is a great option because as a seller you can hitch a ride on the success of the platform. The sheer number of visitors gives you room to grow. Through Mirapodo there are several possibilities to promote your products. Spending money and time on your promotion is no longer necessary.

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